Vacuuming completely nude in paradise is possibly the best film that I have seen this year, although it is a straight to TV movie it shows that the UK has not lost it's knack of making damned good films about real people. First shown on BBC2 on Sunday September 30th, 2001 at 10pm. It is a collaboration by the director of Trainspotting, Danny Boyle and playwright Jim Cartwright. It stars Timothy Spall in the lead role, one of his best performances yet.

Not wanting to spoil the plot, but to get you into the film it is basically about one man, a door to door salesman for a hoover company. His obsession is selling (as his motivation cassette goes "sell, sell, fucking, sell"), the company he works for is going to award the person who sells the most with the prize of a two weeks in Barbados, but that doesn't bother him. What he cares about is how many he sells and he doesn't care how low he has to go to sell them (as one point he sells to a man who has withered hands and cannot hold the hoover). However to ruin his chances of winning he is sent a trainee the two days before the winner is announced. The young lad is distressed his new boss's lack of morals and the drama ensues.

I don't want to spoil the plot so I'll stop there. This is definitely worth a watch and out of many films that I saw this year, beating all the Hollywood movies that I saw on sheer grit and camera work. Don't' just sit here reading the node, go watch it!

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