VLM stands for Virtual Light Machine.

It was a program in the CD-ROM unit for the Atari Jaguar. When you would play a music CD through the machine, the television screen would show one of a variety of effects consisting of melting shapes, twisting lines, and such. There were 81 different modes, and each one in some way would move to the music. Very Cool.

There exists a special VLM cheat to let you create your own effects.

Also stands for Virtual Loadable Module, an executable file that loads requester software.

The acronym stands for "Virtual Light Machine", a name I coined a couple of years before William Gibson published a novel called "Virtual Light" :-). The VLM sequence is my most recent work in the field of lightsynths. VLM v0 was a non-commercial setup which ran on a custom Transputer system lashed up in my old 286 PC. VLM v1 was built into the CD-Rom addon for the Atari Jaguar videogame system. VLM v2 is currently available on the Nuon DVD platform, and is built into Nuon DVD players built by Samsung and Toshiba.

VLM, A European Airline

VLM (which stands for "Vlaamse Luchttransport Maatschappij",or "Flamish Airtransport Corporation" in English) is a relatively young airline serving the most important business centres like London, Manchester, Brussels, Luxembourg and Antwerp from small regional airports.

Founded in 1992 in Belgium, their idea is to utilize the infrastructure of small airports to speed up check-in (you only have to arrive 20 minutes before take-off), turn around time and the relatively low airport taxes to allow frequent flyers to get where they want to quickly without the necessity of spending 3 hours to park the car, queing at check in and choke in a smoke filled terminal together with millions of package - tourists on their way to Mallorca.

The preferred airplane of VLM is the good old Fokker 50 which gets the passenger in relatively uncramped conditions from A to B. Their punctuality and safetyrecords are impressive and the fares reasonable. They currently fly about 300.000 passengers per year around Europe's skies.


Update 1/2004:

VLM has unfortunately ditched their Moenchengladbach flight to London City Airport, leaving the Rhine/Ruhr area without direct access to this convenient destination, instead flying to Hamburg.

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