Mr. President, at this time return SECTIONS ONE THROUGH FIVE to your designated Operative Occluder.


Following the report from PORTAL/ALEPH, Project WATCHTOWER was instantiated by DEEP BLACK and US NCA to include all SITE GAMMA activities. WATCHTOWER was tasked with deciphering and exploiting PORTAL resources. DEEP BLACK was tasked with terrestrial operations involving any benthic entities. DEEP BLACK initiated the EMPIRE categorization for all those HOTEL SIERRA personnel known to be under the influence of SPECWEAPS infiltrates. All EMPIRE tagged individuals were to be subcategorized as per their operative SPECWEAPS control entity, so for example EMPIRE BLACK, EMPIRE CLEAN for LAUNDRY personnel, EMPIRE DRAGON, EMPIRE GIFT, EMPIRE HARPERS, EMPIRE TENANT and for unknown influence personnel, EMPIRE NULL.

In 1999, intelligence suggested that continued intransigence on the part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the Kosovo War indicated EMPIRE interference. Investigations on the part of the LAUNDRY and DEEP BLACK produced medium confidence results that experimental EMPIRE manipulation was taking place from diplomatic enclaves in Belgrade, categorized EMPIRE GIFT. DEEP BLACK requested verification of EMPIRE activity from ANCESTRAL GIFT and received a negative response. DEEP BLACK transported EMPIRE BLACK assets into Belgrade and narrowed the location of EMPIRE transmissions to the region of the Chinese embassy; DEEP BLACK notified ANCESTRAL GIFT of the findings and again requested explanation. ANCESTRAL GIFT denied involvement. At this point, DEEP BLACK inserted a strike package into ongoing Operation ALLIED FORCE air tasking, resulting in a single aircraft deviating to attack the Chinese Embassy with gravity weapons. The EMPIRE signals vanished at the moment of the strike.

The government of China utilized the strike for internal political mobilization. U.S. Government response was not briefed by DEEP BLACK and determined (as had been planned) that the bombing was accidental.

In mid-1999, however, a factional rift occurred between DEEP BLACK and an NSC covert policy organization which had been tasked in the late 1940s by POTUS Truman with coordinating the investigation of extraspatial interventions or events on earth. At the time, these were defined as those events not linked to known benthic influence, with an emphasis on spatial activity (which at the time was not linked to benthic entities). In 1999, however, DEEP BLACK declared that due to the PORTAL/ALEPH incident, spatial incursions required a DEEP BLACK investigation and oversight. The second organization, MAJESTIC, disagreed. POTUS Clinton was not briefed due to his imminent departure from office. In the later part of 1999, an EMPIRE BLACK operative, John F. Kennedy Jr., was lost in the ocean off the U.S. East Coast. DEEP BLACK investigation turned up evidence of interference with Op Kennedy's SPECWEAPS implants during flight in his personal aircraft.

DEEP BLACK initiated a security breach alert concerning MAJESTIC. All DEEP BLACK assets were instructed to deny cooperation with MAJESTIC assets and to conduct 'those operations as necessary' to deny MAJESTIC any information on DEEP BLACK operations.

In response, MAJESTIC began interference operations in domestic U.S. policy and civic areas. MAJESTIC Operative Karl Rove, assigned to shadow and if necessary terminate presidential candidate George W. Bush, was given new instructions to begin use of MAJESTIC assets to assist Bush's election effort. DEEP BLACK, after much internal debate, decided to remain covert after risk assessment operations determined that it was possible Bush might be able to gain the presidency due to illicit MAJESTIC operations. DEEP BLACK management determined that in the case of a Bush victory, DEEP BLACK was mandated by its original charter to avoid contact with a BUSH adminstration as said administration was associated with EMPIRE NULL (MAJESTIC) assets not under DEEP BLACK control. All operations directed against MAJESTIC and other US NSC organizations were designated VIOLET CAIN. Analysts in DEEP BLACK began referring to VIOLET CAIN as 'The MAJESTIC Wars.'

In 2000, George W. Bush was elected President with the DEEP BLACK-documented use of SPECWEAPS capability by MAJESTIC operatives in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Guam. DEEP BLACK formally instituted CASE AMBER FEEDBACK and severed operational ties with the executive branch of the U.S. Government, destroying and altering records as necessary to prevent the Administration from taking control of or exploiting DEEP BLACK capabilities. All contact with MAJESTIC was restricted, and while active operations against MAJESTIC were not sanctioned, self-defense and information gathering was approved. MAJESTIC, on the other hand, continued a program of interference and elimination against known DEEP BLACK operatives and installations. Fortunately, this list was short. PORTAL/ALEPH was completely firewalled off from MAJESTIC.

DEEP BLACK retained three installations visible for disinformation purposes: Operations East, in New York City; DREAMLAND/51, in Nevada, and an office at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. DREAMLAND/51 was staffed with decoy management personnel instructed to maintain a high level of random activity, in accordance with ongoing MAJESTIC/BLUE BOOK disinformation campaigns. The Woods Hole office was simply a flytrap. Operations East was ostensibly to act as liaison with New York State Emergency Management in case of severe weather or ocean disturbance.

On September 11, 2001, EMPIRE NULL personnel flew two hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center, triggering standard secret procedures which destroyed Operations East. DEEP BLACK changed status to full conflict level. POTUS Bush indicated publicly his intent to retaliate against Iraq and Afghanistan for the incident. DEEP BLACK was unable to positively connect the EMPIRE NULL personnel aboard the incident aircraft to MAJESTIC, but confidence was moderate to high. DEEP BLACK suspected intent on the part of MAJESTIC to coopt the Shanidar site in Iraq as well as two sites of suspected Soviet SPECWEAPS testing in the Khyber Pass. DEEP BLACK had sanitized both sites, but restricted that information.

Also in 2001, seven MAJESTIC operatives were compromised through contamination (by DEEP BLACK operatives) of their manufactured SPECWEAPS implants. In response, the Bush administration (under MAJESTIC urging) outlawed all stem cell research save that involving known (sanitized) cell lines to prevent unauthorized SPECWEAPS infiltrates from being propagated.

DEEP BLACK recommended to all other Dresden/Yalta organizations that they restrict contact with MAJESTIC-tainted arms of government. With the planning efforts of DEEP BLACK and ELDER DRAGON no longer monitoring or maintaining policy, US and USSR executive decision makers were released from all thralls, CLASS TWO AND LOWER (see OPERATION CLOSET SHIELD, OPERATION MORSKOI LIFT). As a result, both nations began to negotiate in earnest to lower MANHATTAN asset numbers, resulting in treaty. Maintaining low profile in the face of MAJESTIC operations, DEEP BLACK and its sister organizations began covert efforts to procure and deploy alternate systems to handle potential SPECWEAPS combat.

In 2002, covert BENTHIC OUTREACH operations were undertaken by DEEP BLACK assets to attempt to maintain contact with PRIOR TENANT. However, these attempts were rebuffed. MAJESTIC, operating on scraps of information concerning PRIOR TENANT, initiated a seismic sounding operation in late 2002 near a known PRIOR TENANT installation in the Pacific. DEEP BLACK was unable to interfere or alert PRIOR TENANT. Indications are that several structures were destroyed by shockwave. In the meantime, DEEP BLACK began to push otherwise idled resources towards active exploitation and exploration of PROJECT WATCHTOWER. After two years, human-safe transport through MOON POOL to PORTAL/ALEPH was achieved; four volunteers transited with no (at the time) known return mechanism in expedition WATCHTOWER GUARD ONE.

In early 2003, apparently in retaliation, PRIOR TENANT OLIVE THUNDER operations resulted in the destruction of the Space Shuttle Orbiter Columbia. MAJESTIC was able to determine that unknown forces were involved, but not the nature of these forces. DEEP BLACK, still hidden, was not involved in the discovery process.

In February 2003, GUARD ONE signals were detected arising from the center of the Saudi Arabian desert. A hurriedly-assembled DEEP BLACK team discovered the four members of GUARD ONE in a series of buried ruins in the Rub' al Khali. GUARD ONE had transited five portals, returning to a portal buried in a chamber in these ruins which were identified as Irem al-Zhad, or the City of Pillars. DEEP BLACK determined that the portal itself could not be moved, and evacuated GUARD ONE and their equipment, then used explosives to bury the site under seventy feet of sand. They planted a false portal, apparently inactive, and some GUARD ONE equipment with it several hundred miles to the North in the Iraqi western regions.

MAJESTIC immediately instigated the invasion of Iraq upon their discovery.





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