A species of whiny goth aliens from Star Control 2. When you first contact them, their holy artifact, the Ultron, had been broken in an accident. I can't say any more without going into spoiler territory, unfortunately. At any rate, the Utwig are one of the best (in terms of both their ship and their dialogue) species in the game, especially in the descriptions of them by the Supox (who are their friends) and the Druuge (who sold them the Ultron, thinking it was a piece of junk. Of course, it's not.) Physically, they are vaguely humanoid although their culture dictates that they wear masks and cloaks. Their ship is the Utwig Jugger, which has a short-range six-shot forward cannon, and a shield which will cause the ship to regain energy if hit while the shield is on. It is especially strong against both kinds of Ur-Quan ship and excellent against the Sa-Matra battle at the end of the game.

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