The Zoq-Fot-Pik are a species in the game Star Control II. Or rather, three species...

Biology The Zoq resembles a cross between a pitcher plant and a snake. The Fot resemble a futuristic sedan chair (not the same one as the Melnorme). The Pik resemble a lump on a spring. We never quite find out which one is which in the game, but their identity can be gleaned from the game's source code (which, thank Toys For Bob, was released open-source).

The diet of these creatures is, strangely enough, the same - airborne zooplankton, solar and 'ambient energies', and rocky fungal clingers. The last are considered delicacies.

Culture and History The Zoq-Fot-Pik culture was kick-started when a fantastic event occurred: A bolt of lightning hit a rock on top of a mountain, breaking off a strangely disc-shaped rock and sending it rolling towards some zoq, fot, and pik. Since the wheel was quite hot, it started fires. When the rock crushed the Zoq, the tragedy inspired the Fot and Pik to believe in an afterlife, "presumably one without lethal flaming wheels." Thus it was that they simultaneously discovered the wheel, fire, and religion.

Somewhat later on in their evolutionary history, the zoq, fot, and pik waged a total war against a fourth sentient species on their planet, the zebranky, whose primary sources of food were Zoq, Fot, and Pik. The Zebranky lost this war, and there are now no more zebranky.

The pastime of the Zoq-fot-pik is frungy, 'The Sport of Kings'. The excitement that some of the Zoq-fot-pik feel for this game cannot be expressed except in VGA graphics in a somewhat hard to read font with funky music in the background while orbiting a star way too close to Kohr-Ah territory.

Military Capability The Zoq-Fot-Pik military situation is rather unstable. To wit, their homeworld is within the sphere of influence of both Ur-Quan factions. Since the number of ships of either side needed to wipe out the Zoq-Fot-Pik entirely is approximately two, their survival is wholly contingent on remaining undetected. That they have remained undetected for any length of time is only possible due to the Ur-Quan Doctrinal Conflict.

The Zoq-fot-pik ship is called the Stinger. This ship can turn on a dime, and though its speed is good, it is not fast enough to outrun everything dangerous enough to kill it. Since its most powerful weapon is a plasma-injecting tongue that extends only a very short distance in font of the ship, the only chance to deploy it in battle is a charge. This should win or lose quickly, causing massive carnage.

This tongue is in fact one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and certainly the strongest reusable weapon installed on what amounts to a fighter craft.

The main weapon has a more usable range: it is an antimatter pellet gun which spreads its shots out over its medium-short range. This is especially useful for swatting down Ur-Quan fighters or Orz Marines, though its forgiving aim characteristics do help in tagging larger foes, gradually wearing them down.

The Stinger is strong against the Earthling Cruiser, Mycon Podship, and Ilwrath Avenger; it is hard to fly against many other ships, most relevantly the Kohr-Ah (though tactics have been developed which are somewhat effective).

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