Various forms of the Urban hipster nonconformist exist, ranging from the stereotypical black-donned beatnik to the dreadlock king dragqueen on the corner showing everybody just how far from the norm he can get. They find their individualality by being the antithesis of the norm. Of course, there is an entire culture of these people, effectively nullifying their absolute nonconformity.

One of my friends is an Urban hipster nonconformist. He wrote for the newspaper at my high school. He always tried to write something that would seem controversial or would express an unpopular viewpoint. Anyone who reads his stuff knows he is full of shit. But I don't hold that against him, and I don't let my perception of him end there. He is looking for his niche in existence just like every other person I know. If anyone cared, they would know that he was put in a foster home at a young age. His grandparents take care of him now, not his parents. He once told me he would like to meet his father so they could rumble. When he first came to our school, I was his only friend for six months. Yes, he is full of shit, but only because it gives him something to hold on to.

So ultimately we see that the Urban Hipster Nonconformist is a tragic figure in most respects. Urban hipster nonconformists are people too, just like cheerleaders and Hare Krishnas and that kid who drools a lot (you know, he probably wears a retainer or something).

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