The University of Ediacara is a fictitious, hilarious institution created
by the pro-evolution contributers to the usenet newsgroup
It is a completely virtual institution, incorporated (so they say) in the
Galapagos Islands. Some basic information concerning the instutition:

  • Symbol: The symbol of the university is the ediacaran fossil Charnodiscus oppositus
  • Mottos: The institution has two mottos. First, "Knowledge * Wisdom * Beer" and second, "Arbor plena allouattarum", which translates roughly into "a tree full of howler monkeys"
  • Degrees granted: While they are a little uncertain and unclear concerning the degrees potentially offered, it is almost certain that $100 in the mail (they specify email only, and that cash, cheques and credit cards will not be accepted) will get you a handsome doctoral diploma if the appropriate committee can finally decide which colour is most suitable. They have, however, offered several honourary doctorates over the years:

Finally, the faculty members of the University of Ediacara all choose for
themselves, or have bestowed upon them, rather interesting titles. You can
see them for yourselves at, but here are a
couple of my favourites: Dr. Ben T. (Chris) Dehner, Professor of
Uniformitarian Astrophysics; Dr. Wes (Chris) Elsberry, Professor of
Non-Invasive Lexicography; and Dr. Dave (Chris) Knapp, Professor of Big, Big

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