also, someone hidebound who will not break free of self-imposed constraints to see something in a new and different way

In addition to the standard definitions, Fossil is also a company involved primarily with accessory fashion goods. Starting off with a line of watches, Fossil has branched into wallets, bags, and most recently sunglasses, all the while further developing their existing product lines.

Fossil goods, and the tins that they are packaged in, revolve around a 1950s American theme, a theme that has come to represent in American popular culture an idyllic post-War Golden Age as represented on television from that era. Made for both men and women, Fossil products are frequently featured in Maxim magazine in the fashion section. Fossil also puts out, on a semi-regular basis, limited edition collectors pieces, such as a retro-Batman watch based on the campy live-action television show.

Fossil, Inc. is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol FOSL.

Rolling off the futon with a thud and a grudge, pussy-footing, quiet, quiet, I'm not waking your snores. Through the kitchen, bathroom door rickety, protesting, hopping off track. And I'm repulsed, hands gripping the sides of the sink, wanna retch. Wretched, wretched, amazing you, curled up dreaming in your zeros and ones, as my colors bang harder at the door of my conscience. And they stop.....for a moment. Seeing the red mark blossoming on my neck where you bit me, my chest naked, pale, areolas shake with every breath, look in the mirror for a scant second, flashing green packaged in splotchy crimson, freckles greyed, brows tight, knotted. Banging again. Cool water splashed in a mouth like a dessert, stomach churns, find balance, an asprin, a glass. Thumping throught the kitchen this time, cabinets slamming, my heavy hip resting on your counter, look out to the fire escape. Swaggering into the other room with a purpose, you will wake this time.

Head dropped back, lips full, fallen open. Not twitching now. I don't have the heart. Ashen skin, creeping out from under a quilt, my quilt, my guilt. My guilt threading throught that bed like so many long black hairs. Drop of spit vibrating on your lip. Body feels fragile, shale-like, empty even after all the fuel I've sucked from your body. The night before took in more than we could handle, booze as water, and the poisons raise to my skin. Your hunger sated, poisons gone from your body as you tried to fuck them out. Into me. As it always was, as it will always be. Saving all the energies inside you with which you cannot relate, and pouring them, sinking them into me as if I had enough memory to hold them all. Knees buckle, body shifting silently to the carpet, dirty gray. You turn, shift, mew, reaching out an arm to my spot on the bed....and it's empty, barren, as I am crushing myself on your floor, wishing for a smoke, hoping against all hope that you won't wake now, my heart and anger apparent in my eyes. I have to harden, turn another cheek as this is a new day and you are never held accountable for your yesterdays. Tighten, harden, egg-like, unbreakable from top to bottom, but come from the side and you have breakfast. Fossilize now, becoming the quiet container of your past as its your juice, fuel, fire, flame gluing me together, deposits of thought and dream, our walking biography in my shell.

I pick myself up and edge back into bed, your arms have instinct, gripping me to you, and your breathing calms. My mind attempts one last recollection as to why I'm still here. Oh yeah, because you sleep when I'm here, and I remember that no matter what else you have done.

Forgive me.

forum = F = four-color glossies

fossil n.

1. In software, a misfeature that becomes understandable only in historical context, as a remnant of times past retained so as not to break compatibility. Example: the retention of octal as default base for string escapes in C, in spite of the better match of hexadecimal to ASCII and modern byte-addressable architectures. See dusty deck. 2. More restrictively, a feature with past but no present utility. Example: the force-all-caps (LCASE) bits in the V7 and BSD Unix tty driver, designed for use with monocase terminals. (In a perversion of the usual backward-compatibility goal, this functionality has actually been expanded and renamed in some later USG Unix releases as the IUCLC and OLCUC bits.) 3. The FOSSIL (Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Level) driver specification for serial-port access to replace the brain-dead routines in the IBM PC ROMs. Fossils are used by most MS-DOS BBS software in preference to the `supported' ROM routines, which do not support interrupt-driven operation or setting speeds above 9600; the use of a semistandard FOSSIL library is preferable to the bare metal serial port programming otherwise required. Since the FOSSIL specification allows additional functionality to be hooked in, drivers that use the hook but do not provide serial-port access themselves are named with a modifier, as in `video fossil'.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

Different types of fossil.

Commonly people think of fossils as being the remains of bones and teeth. This has been highlighted by films such as Jurassic Park. This type of fossil contains the original bone or enamel of the animal but the tiny spaces within these structures have been invaded with hard chemicals such as calcite or silica and the proteins may be replaced, resulting in a discoloured and slightly altered version of the skeleton.

Petrified remains are also fossils. In this case the molecules of the original (usually 'soft' bodied) plant or animal, are replaced one by one with either carbon or silica. The result is a chemically changed replica. Carbonisation and compression results in the coal seams we mine (the burning of which retuns the trapped carbon to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, adding to the greenhouse effect).

Casts are moulds of hollow bodies which became infiltrated with sedimentary materials. The sediment hardens and further reacts with silicates or iron oxide to preserve the interior shape of, for example a mollusc shell or the brain cavity of a larger animal. If the sedimentary material is fine enough the resulting imprint can be very detailed.

Fossilization is not to be confused with mummification where the original material is preserved by either extreme cold, chemicals or an anaerobic environment.

Fos"sil (?), a. [L. fossilis, fr. fodere to dig: cf. F. fossile. See Fosse.]


Dug out of the earth; as, fossil coal; fossil salt.

2. Paleon.

Like or pertaining to fossils; contained in rocks. whether petrified or not; as, fossil plants, shells.

Fossil copal, a resinous substance, first found in the blue clay at Highgate, near London, and apparently a vegetable resin, partly changed by remaining in the earth. -- Fossil cork, flax, paper, or wood, varieties of amianthus. -- Fossil farina, a soft carbonate of lime. -- Fossil ore, fossiliferous red hematite.



© Webster 1913.

Fos"sil, n.


A substance dug from the earth.


Formerly all minerals were called fossils, but the word is now restricted to express the remains of animals and plants found buried in the earth.


2. Paleon.

The remains of an animal or plant found in stratified rocks. Most fossils belong to extinct species, but many of the later ones belong to species still living.


A person whose views and opinions are extremely antiquated; one whose sympathies are with a former time rather than with the present.



© Webster 1913.

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