UUSC is a non-sectarian organization promoting human rights and social justice around the world. With more than 25,000 members and supporters, the organization's programs are based on Unitarian Universalist principles but being a member of that religion is not required for membership in UUSC.

The organization works to empower women, defend the rights of children, and support indigenous people and oppressed ethnic groups. They also provide financial aid and technical support when disasters strike impoverished areas. Members are instructed in advocacy and educated about human rights issues; members of UUSC's Human Rights Network receive action alerts when there is a need to contact their legislators. Staff members work with Congress, the federal government, and the United Nations to gain domestic and foreign policies recognizing general human rights.

UUSC follows the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN in 1948. While an associate member of the Unitarian Universalist Association, UUSC receives no financial support from the group but does meet the standards of the National Charities Information Bureau.

Official website: http://www.uusc.org/

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