As of version 3.2, the Unicode standard has 22 semantically distinct space characters. They are enumerated below, separated by code block.

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The HTML entity if any. (&#xUUUU; always works)


C0 Controls and Basic Latin

U+0020     space


C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement

U+00a0     no break space  



U+1680    ogham space mark


General Punctuation

U+2000     en quad
U+2001    em quad
U+2002    en space  
U+2003    em space  
U+2004    three per em space
U+2005    four per em space
U+2006    six per em space
U+2007    figure space
U+2008    punctuation space
U+2009    thin space  
U+200a    hair space
U+200b    zero width space
U+202f    narrow no break space
U+205f    medium mathematical space


Control Pictures

U+2420    symbol for space


CJK Symbols and Punctuation

U+3000     ideographic space
U+303f    ideographic half fill space


Arabic Presentation Forms B

U+feff    zero width no break space



U+e0020  󠀠  tag space

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