Unicode 2.0 was released in July 1996. It was defined by The Unicode Consortium by The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0 Reading, MA, Addison-Wesley Developers Press, 1996. ISBN 0-201-48345-9. The previous version was Unicode 1.1 and the next version is Unicode 2.1.

More detailed changes can be found at http://www.unicode.org/Public/2.0-Update/ReadMe-2.0.14.txt

The most significant change was the removal of the 6,656 old Hangul Syllables (U+3400 to U+4DFF) and replacing them with 11,172 new characters in the Hangul Syllables code block. The reason this is significant is that The Unicode Consortium makes a big deal out of their promise never to remove a character.

New Code Blocks

7 new code blocks were added in 2.0

U+0F00 to U+0FFF   Tibetan 168/256
U+AC00 to U+D7AF   Hangul Syllables 11172/11184
U+D800 to U+DB7F   High Surrogates 896/896
U+DB80 to U+DBFF   High Private Use Surrogates 128/128
U+DC00 to U+DFFF   Low Surrogates 1024/1024
U+E000 to U+F8FF   Private Use Area 6400/6400
U+F900 to U+FAFF   CJK Compatibility Ideographs 302/512


New General Categories

7 new General Categories were added in 2.0

  • Mark, Enclosing (Me)
  • Number, Letter (Nl)
  • Punctuation, Connector (Pc)
  • Symbol, Modifier (Sk)
  • Other, Format (Cf)
  • Other, Surrogate (Cs)
  • Other, Private Use (Co)


New Characters

Excluding those in the new code blocks, there were 33 new characters added in Unicode 2.0

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Lowercase          Ll :  1
Mark, Non-Spacing          Mn : 31
Symbol, Currency           Sc :  1

Number of characters in each Bidirectional Category :

LeftToRight                L :  1
RightToLeft                R : 31
EuropeanNumberTerminator  ET :  1

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode Bidirectional Category for the character

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.



     Cantillation marks

U+0591  ֑ Hebrew accent etnahta Mn R
U+0592  ֒ Hebrew accent segol Mn R
U+0593  ֓ Hebrew accent shalshelet Mn R
U+0594  ֔ Hebrew accent zaqef qatan Mn R
U+0595  ֕ Hebrew accent zaqef gadol Mn R
U+0596  ֖ Hebrew accent tipeha Mn R
aka tarha
U+0597  ֗ Hebrew accent revia Mn R
U+0598  ֘ Hebrew accent zarqa Mn R
aka tsinorit, zinorit; tsinor, zinor
* This character is to be used when Zarqa or Tsinor are placed above, and also for Tsinorit.
ref U+05AE Hebrew accent zinor (Hebrew)
U+0599  ֙ Hebrew accent pashta Mn R
U+059A  ֚ Hebrew accent yetiv Mn R
U+059B  ֛ Hebrew accent tevir Mn R
U+059C  ֜ Hebrew accent geresh Mn R
U+059D  ֝ Hebrew accent geresh muqdam Mn R
U+059E  ֞ Hebrew accent gershayim Mn R
U+059F  ֟ Hebrew accent qarney para Mn R
U+05A0  ֠ Hebrew accent telisha gedola Mn R
U+05A1  ֡ Hebrew accent pazer Mn R
U+05A3  ֣ Hebrew accent munah Mn R
U+05A4  ֤ Hebrew accent mahapakh Mn R
U+05A5  ֥ Hebrew accent merkha Mn R
aka yored
U+05A6  ֦ Hebrew accent merkha kefula Mn R
U+05A7  ֧ Hebrew accent darga Mn R
U+05A8  ֨ Hebrew accent qadma Mn R
aka azla
U+05A9  ֩ Hebrew accent telisha qetana Mn R
U+05AA  ֪ Hebrew accent yerah ben yomo Mn R
aka galgal
U+05AB  ֫ Hebrew accent ole Mn R
U+05AC  ֬ Hebrew accent iluy Mn R
U+05AD  ֭ Hebrew accent dehi Mn R
U+05AE  ֮ Hebrew accent zinor Mn R
aka tsinor; zarqa
* This character is to be used when Zarqa or Tsinor are placed above left.
ref U+0598 Hebrew accent zarqa (Hebrew)
U+05AF  ֯ Hebrew mark masora circle Mn R

     Points and punctuation

U+05C4  ׄ Hebrew mark upper dot Mn R


Latin Extended Additional

     Latin general use extensions

U+1E9B  ẛ Latin small letter long s with dot above Ll L
* in current use in Gaelic types (as glyph variant of 1E61)


Currency Symbols

     Currency symbols

U+20AB  ₫ dong sign Sc ET
* Vietnam


Altered Characters

In addition, 338 characters changed their General category in 2.0, and one changed its Bidirectional Category :


Basic Latin

U+0009     horizontal tabulation had its Bidirectional Category changed from OtherNeutrals to SegmentSeparator

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