Alternately, said of "behind the scenes", "uncensored", or "unedited" footage from a film or tv show. Often used as a marketing gimmick--broadcasts of such footage naturally still adhere to whatever editorial guidelines informed the original production itself.

Porn/Personals/Gay Community euphemism for an uncircumsized penis.

Is frequently asked in cyber rooms as: "Cut/Uncut?

Un*cut" (?), a.


Not cut; not separated or divided by cutting or otherwise; -- said especially of books, periodicals, and the like, when the leaves have not been separated by trimming in binding.


Not ground, or otherwise cut, into a certain shape; as, an uncut diamond.

Uncut velvet,a fabric woven like velvet, but with the loops of the warp threads uncut.


© Webster 1913.

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