"It's better to be better than to be anything"

or something. or maybe in between anything and something if there's a difference. (presented with alternatives but never choice) gives me the moon-drop shakes. the dew-drop inn. i got lesions, i tell you. legions of them. aneurysms. any and all kinds. concussions. continental drifts piling up by the backyard fence. back and forth until all the dignity is gone. can't even sneeze proper. eyes all watering up, like an old woman just found out she's old. came like a thief in the night, a snake in the grass, a monkey in the middle, a cow in a courtyard.


woke up this morning in a giant chair, overstuffed and on wheels, for christ's sake. had a cat sleeping between my shins. unsettling. all the clocks had been unplugged in a mad frenzy the night before so i had to decide whether or not i should get up based on how tired i was. unnatural. just when the morning was looking like it was going to settle down and fade into an afternoon a homosexual knocked on the door (that's home-O-sexal, jeff and steve and that sort of thing) i told him about adam and eve and God's own law and he punched me in the nose. unacceptable. we packed up and left with a glass of juice and a bagel (a good normal white one with cream cheese) to try and make it home by one o the clock. cliff read while i drove, to save time you understand. i almost ruined cliff's life last night but he's okay now. unnerving. when i got home the house was empty but there was a smell in the kitchen very reminiscent of pure evil. i took out the trash and cursed when i stepped on a piece of glass. then the sun came out. unreal. i spent most of the afternoon going over mail and laundry, when i finally sat down to write back to everyone my fingers froze up and i couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. so i wrote back to everyone with great difficulty. unpleasant. so that's how my day went. uninspired.

Repetition. Never understood it and continually said so.

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