Located in the Rajasthan region of India, Udaipur, known by many as the Venice of the East, was founded in 1599 AD by Maharaja Udai Singh. While Rajasthan itself is home to many of the most beautiful places in India (Jaipur and Jodpur, among others) Udaipur stands out as an unforgettable city. Dusk viewed from the rooftops of any of the cafes or restaurants is an event unto its own.

The Lake Palace (a converted Palace which is now a 5 star hotel) dwells in the midst of Lake Pichola and is only accessible by boat. A close runner up in terms of luxury and views, is the Shivnivas Palace (also a 5 star hotel), which is on the grounds of the City Palace Museum. The Shivnivas has hosted such famous visitors as Jackie Kennedy and lives in infamy as the backdrop for a scene in the James Bond classic, Octopussy.

Other sites to see in and around Udaipur include the Jagadish Temple, the Ahar Museum, the Chittorgarh and Fateh Sagar.

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