The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The United Nations institution responsible for providing a framework to the climate change talks that has led to the Kyoto Protocol. Aims to reduce potentially harmful anthropogenic (created by us, not nature) climate impacts. Dates back to the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil.

Secretariat and administrative body to the yearly sessions named COPs (Conference Of the Parties), which are conventions of environmental officials from all UN member countries.

The following COPs have been held:

  • COP2, Geneva, 8-19 July 1996
  • COP3, Kyoto, 1-10 December 1997: Created the Kyoto Protocol. Three subsidiary sessions held in Bonn prior to Kyoto.
  • COP4, Buenos Aires, 2-13 November 1998
  • COP5, Bonn, 25. Oct-5. Nov 1999
  • COP6, The Hague, 13-24 November 2000
  • COP6.5: Bonn, 16-27 July 2001: Continuing the COP6, as the work was not finished. The first COP after George W. Bush pulled the US out of the Kyoto agreement

Next COP:

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