Stands for United Kingdom Quantum Chromo Dynamics collaboration, comprised of the following universities: Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Oxford, Southampton and Swansea.

They do QCD on big computers on a lattice. They seem to be moving towards using Algor as their language of choice. On their web page thay have the following to say about unauthorised access:

Access to the UKQCD Collaboration's internal Web page, and to the UKQCD Workstation is restricted to members of the UKQCD Collaboration. Attempts by others, who are not members of the collaboration, to gain access to the UKQCD computing resource may be viewed as illegal under The Computer Misuse Act and may be cause for legal action against the perpetrator. If you are not a member of the UKQCD collaboration please don't waste our time by requesting an account.

but in fact many of them are quite nice

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