The University of Alaska Summer Recreational Camp

A glorified day care. I had the pleasure of being a camp counselor there for the summer of 1999 after graduating from college.

The idea was this: a general feeling of malaise at my coming distance from a place that I had loved and called home for four years, coupled with extreme academic burnout and disillusionment signaled time for a change. So the idea arose that the best thing for me would be to drive as far as humanly possible while still being able to speak English. Oh, and get a job too.

So Alaska became the target.

The job was found online, the interview was over the phone, I don't think the director was all that pleased to find a long haired boy standing on her doorstep saying, "uh, you gave me a job?" Not what she expected out of a theology student to say the least.

But we made a motley group, us camp counselors - although most of us were possibly more presentable.

Oh and the camp was all sports. Which I didn't realize going into it, and didn't bode well for my future there. But I think I managed, and I think I made the kiddies happy, and I think that now, a year later, after a few other disasterous jobs/locations I've settled happily and my general malaise for the most part has washed away like a nice spring thaw.

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