AMG rates Front 242's previous release, 1988's Front By Front, as their best album. 1991's Tyranny For You is a close second, in my book. Here, 242 reached a plateau in their use of what I can only describe as sound textures, capturing emotion in richly patterned processed sound, and keeping it all musical, even dance-y in spots.
The techniques and tones of Tyranny' would show up with ever greater sophistication in their work throughout the decade.

    Tracklist: Time
  1. Sacrifice 4'31"
  2. Rhythm of Time 4'06"
  3. Moldavia 4'25"
  4. Trigger 2 (Anatomy of a Shot) 5'50"
  5. Gripped by Fear 4'36"
  6. Tragedy (For You) 4'30"
  7. The Untold 4'33"
  8. Neurobashing 5'49"
  9. Leitmotiv 3'12"
  10. Soul Manager 5'07"

The work on Tyranny also spawned two maxi-single releases, Rhythm of Time and Tragedy (For You). Rhythm of Time featured 3 mixes of the song by that name: the 12" version, the "Anti-G" mix, and the "Victor the Cleaner" mix. In my opinion, Rhythm of Time could have stood more mix exploration, while Tragedy (For You) didn't merit 7 remixes.

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