Twyla Tharp is known for her work in the fields of dance, film, television/video and theater. Regraded primarily as a choreographer, Ms. Tharp has created over 90 dances.

Recognized for her work in film, Twyla Tharp choreographed for four feature films, three directed by Milos Forman: "Hair" (1978), "Ragtime" (1980), the Academy Award winning "Amadeus" (1984), and the Taylor Hackford film "White Nights" (1985), which co-starred Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines.

In 1965 Tharp began to assemble the group of dancers who came to be known as Twyla Tharp Dance. This group not only served as a vehicle for her choreography, but was the first U.S. dance company to be employed year round (as opposed to a typical 35 week contract).

Ms. Tharp has collaborated with musicians such as David Byrne, with whom she took modern dance to Broadway, Philip Glass, and director Milos Foreman.

Her most famous works include "The Fugue; Eight Jelly Rolls" to the music of Jelly Roll Morton; "Push Comes to Shove," created as a vehicle for Mikhail Baryshnikov, and her collaboration with director Taylor Hackford for the film White Nights.

Ms. Tharp's repertory is widely performed in Europe and the U.S., and she continues to create constantly.

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