Lester Horton was an American modern dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Horton formed his own company in Los Angeles in 1928 and also performed in theater, films, and nightclubs. He became one of the country's most influential choreographers, incorporating such diverse elements as Native American dances and modern jazz into works of striking originality and drama.

Horton's company continued to perform after his death until 1960.

Horton technique is excellent for building strength while stretching. Horton classes always consist of the same set of excersises, many of which are variants of a flat back or lateral torso swings. The "T" line is a typical Horton shape (with the dancer standing on one straight leg, the other leg and torso in line and horizontal). There are also 17 different Forticications, highly rhythmic and challenging.

Horton's legacy continues through his students, notable in the work of Alvin Ailey and Arthur Mitchell.

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