First implemented by DJ Mixmaster Mike, the Tweak Scratch is the method of connecting a wah wah pedal to the output of a turntable, which in turn can be used to cause an oscillating "scratching" sound. The effect is not easily describable, so I suggest you hear for yourself. Mike's invention is presented in "Three MC's and One DJ" on the Beastie Boys album "Hello Nasty". Furthermore, here is a transcript of DJ Mixmaster Mike's call to "Adam" of the Beastie Boys. Enjoy.

"Hey, yo, Adam, what's up, this is Mixmaster Mike calling from Sacramento."

"Umm, *tsk*, ahh, I've been wanting to hook up with you, maybe on some tracks, see I've got some of this shit right here, if you..."

(oscillating scratching sound, relatively random in pitch and duration)

" turntable to a wah wah pedal..."

(tweak scratching continues)

"'s called the Tweak Scratch."

(song begins)

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