The Tsar Bell is a giant bell located at the Kremlin in Russia next to the tower of Ivan the great. Tsar is the Russian word for king.

The bell was crafted by over 200 Russian foundrymen in the 1730s. The bell is made of bronze and weighs over 200 metric tons. It is 6.14 meters high and 3.3 meters in radius. In 1737 a great fire spread thought Moscow. During firefighting efforts water was poured on the bell, which caused it to cool rapidly and a piece to break off. The piece that fell of weighed 11.5 metric tons.

The bell in 1836 was placed on a granite pedestal next to the tower of Ivan the Great, where it can be found now. The place where its chunk broke off is now covered with a metal mesh to prevent tourists from throwing crap inside it and causing further degradation of the bell. The bell looks magnificent up close with various carvings.

Russians call the bell “Tsar Colokal” and mention it in the same context as the Tsar Cannon. I do not believe the bell was ever used.

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