Trojan is often used in computerish circles today as a shortened form of Trojan Horse. Sometimes it is verbed to refer to the process of making/planting a Trojan, or the participle Trojaned is used to refer to a Trojan substitute for some normal program, as in the writeup for rootkit.

Tro"jan (?), a. [L. Trojanus, fr. Troja, Troia, Troy, from Tros, Gr. Trw`s, Trwo`s, Tros, the mythical founder of Troy.]

Of or pertaining to ancient Troy or its inhabitants. -- n.

A native or inhabitant of Troy.


© Webster 1913

Tro"jan (?), n.

One who shows the pluck, endurance, determined energy, or the like, attributed to the defenders of Troy; -- used chiefly or only in the phrase like a Trojan; as, he endured the pain like a Trojan; he studies like a Trojan.


© Webster 1913

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