A pop-metal band from the early 90s. Trixter just caught the tail end of the 80s metal wave or Hair Metal. The band formed in Paramus, New Jersey and was comprised of Peter Loran, Steve Brown, P.J. Farley, and Mark "Gus" Scott. Their first album, Trixter, did pretty well, it went gold. It also feature the cover of a Trixter comic book made about the band. Their second was a flop and the band was history.

Similar to Poison, Cinderella, and Bon Jovi, but more formulaic. The band is a perfect example of the wave of "corporate" bands that flooded the airwaves just before alternative rock broke out. I guess I don't have to admit it but I will, I think I had their self-titled album on Tape.

Hear! -- Mechanic Records (1992)
s/t -- MCA Records (1990)

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