Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness. That is what Stryper stands for. They were the Christian Music version of Hair Metal. Stryper was originally formed in 1983 as Roxx Regime in Orange County by Michael Sweet (vocals), Robert Sweet (drums) and Oz Fox (guitar). In 1984 they changed names and added bassist Tim Gaines. Also during this year they toured the Los Angeles metal circuit and eventually signed with Enigma Records to release their first EP The Yellow And Black Attack.

In 1985 they released their first full-length album, Soldiers Under Command, which got all the way up to 84 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart. After this Enigma re-released The Yellow And Black Attack with two added tracks, but it wasn't until their next album that the band saw real success. In 1986 the band released To Hell With The Devil. The power ballad "Honesty" off this album got into the Top-40. The album went platinum and Stryper was known around the country. They even got a Grammy nomination for it. In 1988 they released In God We Trust which featured the single "Always There For You." This album also did quite well, nearly going platinum also.

1990 brought a new album, Against The Law. It also brought with it problems. With the new album the band had tried a few new things and I think didn't focus on Christian themes. This caused their core fanbase of Christians to question their dedication to their religion, to which the band said "we were making a grab for musical freedom, but we never should have let that been misinterpreted as a change in our beliefs." This was the beginning of the end for Stryper. Their label went under, although they were soon picked up by Hollywood, their next few singles, EPs, and compilations didn't do so well, and finally Michael Sweet left the band to pursue a solo career. Tim Gaines and Robert Sweet formed the band King James with Rex Carrol, but left that band after the first album. Oz Fox has made some guest appearances around the CCM scene and re-joined up with Tim Gaines years later to form Sin Dizzy.

Reason for the Season -- Restless Records (1993)
Against the Law -- Enigma Records/Hollywood Records (1990)
In God We Trust -- Enigma Records (1988)
To Hell with the Devil -- Enigma Records (1986)
Soldiers Under Command -- Enigma Records (1985)
Yellow & Black Attack -- Enigma Records (1984)

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