The Second Happy Donut Pack TV is the second half of the Trigun soundtrack.


  1. Love And Peace
  2. Nerve Rack
  3. Paradise
  4. West Slang
  5. Unhappy Song
  6. Kuroneko Ku-kan
  7. Colorless Sky
  8. Trigun Maximum
  9. Hash Hash
  10. Lost Planet
  11. Blue Spring
  12. H.T. (Remix)
  13. Zero Hour
  14. Insurance #1
  15. The Lowdown
  16. Insurance #2
  17. Gunpowder Tea
  18. Insurance #3
  19. Cheers!
  20. Scattered Rain
  21. Pierce
  22. Blue Summers
  23. Suna no Hoshi (Sandy Planet)

Lyrics: Tsuneo Imahori except for tracks 10 (Kenji Nakazawa) & 11 (Tsuneo Akima)
Composer: Tsuneo Imahori except for tracks 10 & 11 (Tsuneo Akima)
Guitar & Programming: Tsuneo Imahori
Additional Instruments:
2-8, 14-19:
Drums: Kiyoshi Kamata
A. Bass: Hiroaki Mizutani
E. Bass: Yuji Okiyama
Saxophone: Naruyoshi Kikuchi
Percussion: Gen Ogimi
Piano: Masaki Tsurugi
Flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Cello: Udai Shika
All instruments performed by AJA
All instruments performed by AKIMA & NEOS
Drums: Masafumi Minato
E. Bass: Michiaki Suzuki


This is the collection of the more instrumental music used during the series. Suna no Hoshi is a good example of the collection, and one of the better songs on the album.

This is as good as the first album, but isn't quite as representative of the feel and pace of the series. It's the "intelligent, emotional, go-drink-some-tea-and-sit-in-a-smoking-jacket-by-the-fire-with-your-dog" album, not that that's a bad thing. It just happens to represent a smaller range of situations and emotion.
I would recommend the first over the second if one is going to go watch the series, but the second has its merits.

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