Released in 2000 by Pioneer Studios; directed by Nishimura Satoshi and animated by Madhouse. If you want more information on the anime itself, check out the original Trigun w/u.


  1. No Beat
  2. Big Bluff
  3. Blood And Thunder
  4. Knives
  5. Permanent Vacation
  6. Blue Funk
  7. Philosophy in a Tea Cup
  8. Not an Angel
  9. Cynical Pink
  10. Sound Life
  11. Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku
  12. H.T.
  13. Winners
  14. Couldn't Have Been Worse
  15. Stories to Tell
  16. Everyday People
  17. Fool's Paradise
  18. Yellow Alert
  19. Carrot and Stick
  20. Perfect Night

Price: Differs from place to place. I've seen it as low as $15 and as high as $30.
Lyrics: Tsuneo Imahori, except tracks 10 (Kenji Nakazawa) & 11 (Tsuneo Akima)
Composer: Tsuneo Imahori, except tracks 10 & 11 (Tsuneo Akima)
Guitars & Programming: Tsuneo Imahori
Additional Instruments:
2-8, 14-19:
Drums: Kiyoshi Kamata
A. Bass: Hiroaki Mizutani
E. Bass: Yuji Okiyama
Sax: Naruyoshi Kikuchi
Percussion: Gen Ogimi
Piano: Masaki Tsurugi
Flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Cello: Udai Shika
All instruments performed by AKIMA & NEOS
Drums: Masafumi Minato
E Bass: Michiaki Suzuki


The soundtrack is a collection of Led Zeppelin-like guitar, some extra instruments here and there, and some amazing sequencing and/or programming. Tsuneo Imahori is one of my favorite artists, and his skills really shine through here. Some tracks (No Beat) are more techno than others, but there's a large range of emotion expressed throughout the various songs.

The soundtrack was used extremely well during the series, but most people feel that it wouldn't stand very well on it's own. However, after listening to it a few times through, it really starts to grow on you. If you've seen the anime through already, it is very reminiscent of some scenes, such as the final gunfight and the first time Vash meets Legato. I have not had the luxury of listening to it before seeing the anime, unfortunately. If anyone can (or has) done this, I would appreciate an addition to this w/u or a /msg.

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