This is a nice chewy candy for the holiday season, good for keeping around the house in attractive bowls or for wrapping in cellophane and giving to friends. It has a somewhat bitter and molasses-oriented taste that might make some children and sweet-toothed adults balk at first, but give it a try and you may find you like this different sort of sweetness.



Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan. Cook, stirring frequently (medium heat), until syrup dropped into ice water forms a very hard mass. Test by chewing; when very chewy, it is ready. Pour onto well-buttered cookie sheet to cool. When cooled, slam onto a hard surface to break into bite-sized pieces.

NOTE: I strongly suggest halfing this recipe the first time you make it. It makes quite a lot. (If you make the full recipe, maybe you should use two sheets.) You should also make sure your sheet is VERY well-buttered, and if you possibly can, avoid lining it with anything like foil or wax paper because there is a tendency for the candy to stick to the lining, requiring annoying peeling. The pan you used to cook the mixture may be tough to clean; try filling again with water and boiling to dissolve any clinging syrupy substances.

Yield: 1 pound
Source: Paraphrased from Marina T. Stern's The Fairy Party Book
Use for: Yule

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