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trawl v.

To sift through large volumes of data (e.g., Usenet postings, FTP archives, or the Jargon File) looking for something of interest.

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Trawl (?), v. i. [OF. trauler, troller, F. troter, to drag about, to stroll about; probably of Teutonic origin. Cf. Troll, v. t.]

To take fish, or other marine animals, with a trawl.


© Webster 1913.

Trawl, n.


A fishing line, often extending a mile or more, having many short lines bearing hooks attached to it. It is used for catching cod, halibut, etc.; a boulter.

[U. S. & Canada]


A large bag net attached to a beam with iron frames at its ends, and dragged at the bottom of the sea, -- used in fishing, and in gathering forms of marine life from the sea bottom.


© Webster 1913.

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