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In October 2002, a new edition of Traveller hit the stands, based on the D20-system under WOTC's OGL (Open Gaming License. The basic book, TRAVELLER 20 - The Traveller's Handbook, was written by Martin J. Dougherty and Hunter Gordon of QuickLink Interactive.

The Traveller's Handbook:

The basic book presents seventeen character types including Mercenaries, Scholars, Psionicists, Rogues, Imperial Marines and, of course, Travellers, as well as some alien races. Rules for modern and SciFi equipment, weaponry and transportation, tons of new skills and feats, a system for personal, vehicle, and starship combat; trade and commerce rules, etc. are included as well, in fact, everything you need to play...

Apart from the necessary rules, there is also a brief overview over the background, set in Gateway Sector. Everything is nicely written and laid out, a delight after the dismal T4. And don't let the price scare you, it's 464 pages are chock-full with wholesome goodness, und thus well worth the price.


There are a lot of sourcebooks planned, such as the Gateway Sector sourcebook, and a book the finally wraps up the TNE-storyline.

Traveller's Aide:

There also is a series of electronic PDF supplements and adventures published regularly that can be ordered seperately, or subscribed:

  • Issue #1 - Personal Weapons of Charted Space (Available)
  • Issue #2 - Grand Endeavor (Available)
  • Issue #3 - On the Ground (In Production)
  • Issue #4 - 76 Gunmen (In Development)
  • Issue #5 - Against Gravity (In Development)


Thus far, Traveller fans on all forums have reacted very positively to the release, and with the D20 system may not be to everybody's taste, the quality is great, and there promises to be very good support and new supplements for all editions of Traveller. As the publication means that there are now two licensed releases of Traveller, the other being GURPS Traveller, it remains to be seen, if they manage to supplement each other, and not be in direct competition.

A Link:

  • The offical homepage of Traveller 20:

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