Tra*mon"tane (?), a. [OF. tramontain, It. tramontano, L. transmontanus; trans across, beyond + mons, montis, mountain.]

Lying or being beyond the mountains; coming from the other side of the mountains; hence, foreign; barbarous.

⇒ The Italians sometimes use this epithet for ultramontane, and apply it to the countries north of the Alps, as France and Germany, and especially to their ecclesiastics, jurists, painters, etc.; and a north wind is called a tramontane wind. The French lawyers call certain Italian canonists tramontane, or ultramontane, doctors; considering them as favoring too much the court of Rome. See Ultramontane.


© Webster 1913.

Tra*mon"tane, n.

One living beyond the mountains; hence, a foreigner; a stranger.


© Webster 1913.

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