An addictively guilty pleasure in music, Toy-Box brings back the best of classic early-1980s dance music. Their stuff sounds a lot like Aqua's "Barbie Girl", but it's much better -- or worse. Come to think of it, Toy-Box's web site is in .dk, and Aqua are also Danish...

Sample lyrics from "Tarzan and Jane":

Go Cheetah
Get banana
Hey monkey
Get funky
(SFX: Tarzan ululates and collides with something.
We hear the cartoon sound of a frying pan hitting someone's head.)

Other homages to childhood include "E.T.", which starts with the phrase "Space: the final frontier" and then uses the tune from "Yankee Doodle" for its chorus ("E.T. is an alien and he is kind of spacy / Coming from the universe to party and go crazy"), and "Super-duper-man", a song of hero worship about his sexy X-ray eyes and other sexy parts.

And let's not even get into "Teddybear". "Kiss me here / and touch me there / I wanna be / Your teddy bear"... even though the singer is 15 days older than I am, this is still musical jailbait.

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