Torgo was supposed to be this half-man/half-goat thing in Manos, the Hands of Fate. Torgo was played by John Reynolds who committed suicide after filming his only acting role. Reynolds apparently designed special feet for Torgo, but they were never featured on film (this is why Mike's wife screams the way she does when she first meets Torgo, because of the goatlike feet). The character of Torgo was immortalized when Manos was the movie in episode 424 of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mike Nelson played Torgo in this and several other episodes. Torgo brought pizza to Deep 13 and forgot the drinks so several episodes later he finally hobbled (as slowly as Torgo can) back with the drinks, which TV's Frank rejected. The last time we saw Torgo was when he was Torgo the White (an apparent reference to Tolkien) when he brought TV's Frank to Second Banana Heaven. Torgo had a "haunting" theme, which was a three second riff consisting of four-five notes repeated with the quickness. In terms of MST3K, Torgo was a beloved character who popped up occasionally (usually around Turkey Day), and both his theme and a mention of Manos turned up in the MSTie movie.

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