A monster in some of the Final Fantasy games. I remember the first time I ran into one...

(dream-sequency harp glissando ...cue the exposition!)

Now, in most battles in these games, the monsters and the heroes stand still, and inflict damage on each other via magic warp zones. (That's Nintendo Logic for you. Ok, in later games they did jump at each other and swing things, but they'd still hop back to where they started.)

The thing about Tonberry is he didn't stand still. Every few turns he would get closer..

and closer..

and closer...

I began to get very afraid... what'll happen when he reaches me? I realize, as I frantically attempt to beat him into submission, that the thing must have a million HP. Suddenly, it's here.

Whack! Whack!

Two of my party members drop dead. Aiiiiee! Luckily for me, Tonberry goes back to his starting point after that. What a maroon.

Anyway.. facts: Tonberry is in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, he's also in Final Fantasy V (my translated ROM calls him 'Tonberi' I think), and I think he was Pug in Final Fantasy 3 (aka 6j). Tonberry is also a Guardian Force in FF8, as well as a card in Triple Triad.

Tonberry is a short, rather unassuming little green monster with a fish-tail (color varies). He carries a lantern and wears a monklike robe or a trenchcoat or something.. In FF8 he attacks with the Chef's Knife and "Everyone's Grudge".

The GF Tonberry is rather anticlimactic; he waddles up to the enemy, sticks out his knife, and there's a big speech balloon saying "Doink" and a little anime sweatdrop. To get it apparently you have to kill 20 (!!) Tonberrys (or at least have 20 Chef's Knives) and then a "King" Tonberry.

Tonberry is officially one of my favorite monsters.

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