A comic book series published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Gene Colan, the series made its debut in 1972, after a change in the Comics Code Authority made horror comics okay again.

So what was the basic storyline? The infamous Count Dracula has been brought back to life (or unlife or undeath or whatever) in modern times... and he hungers for BLOOD! What, you think he's gonna mope around and bitch about how awful it is being immortal? Well, maybe a little. But for the most part, he's a busy man -- places to go, people to suck, vampire hunters to threaten, speeches to be made.

The comics version of Dracula differed from many other portrayals in a few distinctive ways. First was his absolutely glorious mustache. Second was his nobility -- he killed tons of people, good guys, bad guys, random passersby, and called himself on more than one occasion "the king of evil," but he couldn't abide pure cruelty, and reserved special savagery to those who harmed innocents and the weak. He also allied himself with vampire hunters when a greater threat needed to be addressed. Third was the truly spectacular level of scenery-chewing he did. Even for a medium dominated by over-the-top monologues, Dracula out-did himself. If Dracula ever ran out of blood to drink, he probably could've gotten by on all the ham he brought to the comics. Only Doctor Doom was more verbose.

Marv Wolfman took over the writing chores with the seventh issue, then stuck around for years afterwards. The Wolfman-Colan run on "Tomb of Dracula" is considered some of the best work on a horror comic ever, introducing Blade in the tenth issue and making Dracula one of the most popular characters in horror comics ever (which is not really surprising, since Drac is also one of the most popular horror characters in any medium).

"Tomb of Dracula" ran for seven years, making it the longest-running comic book ever to feature a villain as its main character. Even after the book was cancelled, Dracula continued to guest-star in Marvel's books, battling Spider-Man and Doctor Strange and even briefly vampirizing the X-Men's Storm. In the mid-1980s, Doctor Strange cast a spell that supposedly destroyed all the vampires on Earth, but Dracula reappeared in Marvel's books fairly recently (just before the first "Blade" movie was released. Huh! What a coincidence).

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