Spanish Grand Inquisitor

Confessor and advisor to Queen Isabella, he centralized The Spanish Inquisition's operations and really gave it a focus. Sort of the Lee Iacocca of pain. He forced Spanish jews to convert or leave the country--after the jews offered to pay 30,000 ducats to Spain to be able to stay in peace, he compared King Ferdinand to Judas Iscariot and his 30 pieces of silver.
"Judas Iscariot sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver; Your Highness is about to sell him for 30,000 ducats. Here He is; take Him and sell Him."

Very conservative estimates place the number of "heretics" burnt alive between 1481-1504 (Isabella's death) at around 2000.

"the hammer of heretics, the light of Spain, the saviour of his country, the honour of his order".

(this was used during his pre-fight announcements--not too many people know it, but he used to fight semi-pro in Philly)

--contemporary Spanish chronicler, Sebastian de Olmedo

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