Vietnamese immigrant and alleged real estate tycoon who was a fixture on late-night television in the early 1990s with his infomercial that advertised his get-rich-quick seminar. Vu strolled through and around his fabulous mansion, sat on his yacht, and was almost always surrounded by a bevy of stunning bikini-clad women. If you attended the seminar and followed Vu's path to riches, he claimed, all this could be yours as well. He also described his early struggles against the many "losers" who tried to discourage him. Vu's money-making plan is really nothing new: it involves buying distressed properties (bankruptcies, foreclosures and such) and reselling them at a profit.

The women were the oddest thing about the show. Vu never explained who they were, what they were doing there, and barely acknowledged their presence. They appeared to be mere trappings of worldly success...gained the TOM VU way!

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