An actual conversation between myself and another sixteen-year-old girl:

Me: Well is NH more of left wing or right wing?
Her: i don't know!
Me: how can you not know? you live there for God's sake.
Her: i try not to pay attention to politics.
Me: That's not a good thing
Me: That will ultimately fuck you over.
Her: i dont' give a rat's ass.
Me: You just wait and see what political apathy will do to you in ten years.
Her: in 10 years i won't be living in this countr.y
Me: I'm sure you won't.
Her: i hate america
Me: Oh so you think that whatever nation you plan to live in will not have foreign policy?
Her: you're pissing me off.
Me: And that this foreign policy will not be affected by something such as America?
Her: will you shut up

Now I know my own poltical aspects aren't very shapely or anything, but please. Tell me that I'm not the only sixteen year old who doesn't think she is going to move to Japan when she is 18 and go to the Guilded Heart college where she wil meditate and eat whole-grain products and all that happy giddy "avoid-political confrontation" kind of trash? I just want to take these people aside, smack them, and say, "All that fiber isn't the only thing that's causing the shit in your life!"

Now, I don't mean people who actually have ties with Asian culture or stick to that set of religious beliefs or lifestyle, but people who distinctly think that they are exempt from American life just because they are too stupid to follow it. Buck up.

Update: I found the point that revscat23 brought across quite interesting, and while I do agree that politics seems to fall short when it comes to its allure with some adults, you would have to admit that some of the radical actions performed by some makes up for that apathy. Today's youth is overwhelminingly bored with any form of politics. We are not active. We are not passionate. We wait until something extreme happens to make a big deal out of it, even though we should have seen it coming.

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