Part of the Apocrypha. Contains the story of Tobit, a man who strictly followed Jewish law. Poor Tobit loses his eyesight and sends his son Tobias to fetch some money. Tobias travels with Gabael who turns out to be the angel Raphael. They run into poor Sara, who has been deprived of a husband on the day of wedlock seven times by the evil spirit Asmodeus. What a cool name. Tobias decides to marry Sara and with the help of Raphael expels the demon. Tobias gets the money and his wife and returns home. He teams up with Raphael to once again perform a miracle. This time, he restores Tobit's sight. Thus, we have a happy ending to this tale that didn't quite make it into most Bibles.

To"bit (?), n.

A book of the Apocrypha.


© Webster 1913.

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