Compiled overview of the 100 ton Thunder Hawk 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The Thunder Hawk is a Star League-era design developed and built for the SLDF by Norse-Storm BattleMechs Inc. during the final six years of the Amaris Civil War. General Aleksandr Kerensky is believed to have taken all the remaining Thunder Hawks with him on the Exodus. However, Norse-Storm recently announced its intention to produce and sell new Thunder Hawks to mercenary units as well as Successor State militaries.

The Thunder Hawk was designed as a fire-support 'Mech for assault lances and companies, and it performs that role extremely well thanks to the devastating firepower of its three Norse Model M-7D Gauss Rifles. One salvo from these weapons is enough to destroy a light or medium 'Mech and seriously damage a heavy or assault 'Mech. Each Gauss rifle is equipped with two tons of ammunition. Four Defiance B3M medium lasers round out the weapons array, providing the pilot with backup weapons in case the Thunder Hawk runs out of Gauss slugs.

The Thunder Hawk is a slow 'Mech with a top speed of only 54 kph, but the engineers felt that the tremendous range and striking power of the three Gauss rifles more than made up for the 'Mech's lack of speed.

To allow the Thunder Hawk the greatest possible staying power, the design team at Norse-Storm gave it 19.5 tons of ArcShield Heavy Type K BattleMech armor for maximum protection.

The Lyran Alliance is the only Successor State that currently fields Thunder Hawks; the Alliance military has stationed several lances of them along its border with the Jade Falcon occupied zone. Thunder Hawks have also been spotted in the ranks of three mercenary units in Alliance employ; Storm's Metal Thunder, the Blackstone Highlanders, and the Regiment Wreckers. All of these units are long-time employees of House Steiner, and reportedly each fields at least two lances of this deadly BattleMech.

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