Infidel defilers.
They shall all drown in lakes of blood. Now they will know why they are afraid of the dark.
Now they will learn why they fear the night...

Thulsa Doom was the main villain of the first (and best) Conan movie, Conan the Barbarian. Played by James Earl Jones, the man with the coolest voice on the planet, who also played Darth Vader or voiced the CNN intro, this larger-than-life villain is just right for the movie, and fun to watch.

Contemplate this on the tree of woe. Crucify him!

Said to be a 1000 year old demi-god, he's a powerful sorceror who can summon demons. But this description may be just propaganda, or fearful rumors of the rabble, as the only powers he displays in the movie are changing his physical form and enchanting snakes. His real power comes from being the charismatic leader of his own cult (Cult of Set), which gives him near total power over his insanely loyal followers, who kill or die at his word. He is convinced that the Riddle of Steel is that steel is only the second most powerful force, the first being control of the mind.

People have no grasp of what they do

He has no compunctions about killing people, and likes to talk grand. In fact, when talking he reminds me in some ways of Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom, who also likes to talk big, and bows to no one, ultimately aspiring to rule the world.

The day of doom is here

Originally, he was warrior and sorceror, leader of a horde or cult that was to develop into the Cult of Set. Their main goal was to uncover the Riddle of steel. To attain these objectives they roamed the land as "deceivers and assasins of the night" raiding villages and little towns in their quest for steel. On one such raid, they killed Conan's parents and left him and the remaining (also orphan) childs to the Vanir for use as slaves.

Ah...must have been when I was younger.

During the time Conan was enslaved and became a thief, the cult of set became a proper cult stationed on the " mountain of power" with a heavy influence on the kingdoms of the realm, as Doom realised that true power was not on steel, but on the flesh that wields it and that he would rule the world only if he commanded the minds and bodies of everyone. Thus he embarked on the quest for global domination...

They shall all be cleansed!

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