Web Review:

So, you want to take over the world, huh? Made all the preparations, laid out the evil plots, eliminated the enemy agents, gathered the evil minions, forged the ring, read the instructions, but you feel your are still missing something?

Well... You are right!

You forgot to shop at Villainsupply, for Villainsupply.com is to supervillains what ThinkGeek is to geeks. Everything You need for a successful start into the supervillain business. If you are a supervillain, mad scientist, criminal overlord, warlord, dictator, or despot, then this internet store is the place for you. They have everything! They offer new and used Lairs, including your own orbital space station, the supreme security and privacy solution. You captured the enemy spy, but forgot the torture equipment? No problem, just send out for a couple of Boreworms and even Silent Bob will talk.

Naturally there are also weapons, starting with small arms, over super weapons up to the famed doomsday devices, this shop holds everything for every type of super villains, even those on a small budget. You wouldn't want your henchmen to run around in their t-shirst and jeans, would you? So a couple of silver plastic uniforms, a fez or an assassins bowler (slightly burned) would come in handy, too.

Evil is not a philosophy. It is neither a means nor an end. It is an attitude and a lifestyle.

And even if you are not yet ready to manifest your evil destiny, there is cool stuff at the World Domination Gear Store as well: Apparel, Stickers and the works. This site is instant coolness, good stuff for crazies like me. All major currencies (South African Krugerrand, Swiss Bank Account, Panamanian Bearer Bonds, Pure-cut Hashish and Visa "Black" Card) are accepted.

I was made aware of this site on Steve Jackson Games' Daily Illuminator, always a great source of cool information.

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