Thorns is an "industrial black metal" band. While this may sound all new and cool, Thorns are not a new band. The band released its first demos in the early 90's before being forced to take a break for an unknown period of time.

The man behind Thorns is Snorre Ruch; he does all the production, guitars, and keyboards. The guitar tone is very unique; it's very, very fuzzy yet still definitive. It's a one man band, similar to Burzum. Funny I should mention Burzum...

Back in the 90's, the Norwegian black metal scene was blowing up. Mayhem was quickly becoming big, along with one of the members' side projects, Burzum. Tensions arose in the band between the founder, Euronymous and Count Grishnackh. The Count decided to kill Euronymous, so he asked his friend Blackthorn to ride him to Euronymous's house. Once Count Grishnackh got there, he stabbed Euronymous 21 times. Of course, he didn't get away with it and was thrown into prison for 22 years, the maximum sentence in Norway. Blackthorn was also taken to court, and was jailed for an unknown period of time. Blackthorn was the alias of Snorre Ruch. For some reason, all the black metallers thing it's cool to give themselves names like that. Despite helping murder Euronymous, Thorns released a song on the tribute album to Euronymous, Nordic Metal in 1994.

Thorns' first release was the Grymyrk demo in 1991 which was then followed up another demo, Trøndertun, in 1992. There were no other "official" releases after that for a few years, except for the aforementioned tribute song.

In 1998, Thorns came back and released a split album with Emperor entitled Thorns vs Emperor. Unfortunately, many of the Emperor songs on the album are just orchestra versions instead of actual remakes. Since Snore only does the guitars and keyboards, he recieved backup from Satyr of Satyricon for the vocals on the album. I am not sure who did drums, though I belive it was Hellhammer from Mayhem and Arcturus.

Once again there was a break for Thorns until their first true album was released in 2001. Thorns - Thorns had vocals by both Satyr and Aldrahn from Dödheimsgard. All the drums were done by Hellhammer.

Artist: Thorns
Album: Thorns
Year: 2001

  1. Existence
  2. World Playground Deceit
  3. Shifting Channels
  4. Stellar Master Elite
  5. Underneath The Universe Part 1
  6. Underneath the Universe Part 2
  7. Interface to God
  8. Vortex

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