Well known throughout the black metal scene as the drummer for legendary Norwegian black metal band Emperor and Stigma Diabolicum (now known as Thorns). He was incarcerated in 1992 after murdering a homosexual and is currently on house arrest in an apartment facility along with other inmates, while awaiting his release this December.

Aside from his work on Emperor, Bard played for Ulver and Sirius, and also written lyrics for Sigh, Wurdulak, Aborym, and Zyklon all while serving his sentence.

After his release, he plans on providing lyrics for the next Zyklon album, start an as-of-yet unnamed band with Zamoth (ex-Emperor, Zyklon) and Source Of Tide member Lars-Stian, and a new Dissection album with fellow convict Jon Nödtveit.


  • Emperor (split LP with Enslaved) - 1993
  • As The Shadows Rise EP - 1994
  • In The Nightside Eclipse - 1994
  • Thorns vs Emperor (split w/ Emperor) - 1998
  • Thorns - 2001

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