Of course it is an illusion. But it has nothing to do with "weak minds".

The contents of this node, or any other node, are stored in some kind of database, which itself is an illusion, a mental construct, probably stored on a hard disk as some kind of magnetic encoding. The hard disk itself is an illusion - it simply is matter and energy.

The text of this display is electrons moving rapidly and producing light impressions on a CRT. The light goes through the eye and produces electric signals transfered through nerves to the brain.

Then mind takes over. Mind and mind alone reads this node. Mind and mind alone interprets the node. Mind and mind alone says, "Behold a node!"

It is not a weak mind that creates the illusion we call node. It is quite a strong mind that does it. It is the human mind.

Everything is an illusion. That does not mean there is something wrong with it. Nor does it mean there is something right with it. That's just the way it is.

As Raven of the TV series Raven put it:

Nothing is what it seems.
All things are what they are.

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