Once during my stint as a Network Administrator, we were having problems with UNIX-to-NetWare print services. In some cases, the queue name--which included the full NDS context--was longer than seven characters, the maximum number allowed in AIX. The solution seemed to be to create an alias for the queue with a shorter name, but UNIX didn't recognize aliases as a valid queue object.

We turned to Novell's online knowledgebase for help, and came across a technical information document that addressed the issue. After describing the problem, it proceeded to outline the solution as follows:

This is done by deception.

We were helpless with laughter for a good fifteen minutes. Yes! We must resort to deception and trickery, fooling the system with chicanery and knavish sleight-of-hand! We eventually calmed down enough to read the rest of the answer, which was pretty nifty.

This remains the most wonderful sentence I have ever encountered in a tech document.

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