A right hook is most often executed with the right foot forward, keeping the fist close to the body and standing very near to the target. Pivot your hip clockwise to chamber the punch, and keep your hands up -- your target is your opponent's jaw, eye, or temple.

As you strike, let your hips pull your torso, and don't release the punch until just before your fist reaches its target. This is because the power comes from the hips, carrying the weight of the strike up your torso and through your shoulder.

Be sure to follow through. As you pivot your hips counter-clockwise, your right foot should also turn to point in the direction of the strike, as if crushing out a cigarette.

It is possible to execute a proper right hook with the right foot in the rear, pivoting slightly as you rise up onto the ball of your foot.

This is good technique, and I know that you know this because your right foot was back, your hips pivoted with your strike, and the sharp pain in my neck tells me beyond doubt that you followed through -- although I couldn't see it because, by the time you were done, I was facing the wrong direction.

Thank you for hitting me with an open hand instead of a closed fist. Truly, that was a mercy I didn't deserve.

You said, "The relationship we had was christened with a kiss. Anything we have going forward is christened with that." You are a most excellent person, my love, and that was a most excellent strike.

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