Practical things

Philosophical Things


i cant begin to instill in you the value of chess!
it teaches people about looking forward to the consequences of their actions.
children are especially.... absorbent of new ideas. so get 'em young.

it raises awareness of alternative options.
perhaps the obvious choice is not the most useful.

if your child is reasonably good at chess, it may grow to appreciate its brain. not blow it on synthetics.
it teaches patience. much required of children.
i could go on and on!

i presented this argument to my tutorial class at university, initially to much resistance. but it slowly gained acceptance as a worthy idea, and some of the more mature students (read: over 25) claim to have tried it on their own, to some success.

but these things take time.....

the topic of discussion (by the way) was "methods of reducing world population". this idea was chosen as least invasive.

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