They walk around her like she is in danger of breaking.Fragile. She has proved them wrong so many times. A super-human machine, her existence is built around tiny victories over unseen opposition. She is my sister, and I love her, but she is artificial to the core, and at her core is nothing.
She is empty, and all it would take is a breath of air across manicured nails, or through perfect salon hair to knock her over, and spill the emptiness out over everything she is.

One missed mark, one failed attempt, one poor grade. One person able to throw further, jump higher, run faster. That is all it would take.

They walk around her like she is in danger of breaking. A china doll. Breakable. They are right, but not in the way they think they are. Nothing so pathetic as her life, or accomplishments. Her very existance is at stake. She has become every compliment, every grade, every magazine photograph, ever movie star. What she is, is beautiful. Crystal clear, Material. And because she is material, She has become expendable. 30 or even 20 years from now, all she will be is a used up, frustrated child in a woman's body.

Someone elses trash.

They walk around her like she is in danger of breaking. I am grateful. Does that make me cruel?

The focus is on her. Her life, her boyfriend, her sports achievements. They ignore me, and I am thankful that they have given me that much. I would never tell them that. I could never admit to them that I am not satisfied with my life, but that I am glad for my lack of satisfaction (it gives me something to work towards. A passion). They have left me to find my own way. My own means of distraction. Myself.

I may surprise them yet.

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