I almost screamed when I saw this node come up on New Writeups, wondering if one of my high school friends had joined up on E2.

It was my junior year of high school and the first Model UN trip of the year. It was an overnight trip to Rochester. One of those yummy overnighters where four of you cram into a hotel room and everything is strictly gender-segregated, but you know your advisor hit the bar back around nine and then was holed up in his room with the NBA till he passed out near midnight. And it’s 1.

I was rooming with two of my best friends and a freshman recruit that was so shy she hadn’t spoken to a single person the entire way there. My boyfriend decided to sleep there too. My friends didn’t mind and the freshman had gone to bed around 10. He was trying to sneak out when dawn hit and was pulling on some jeans over his boxers, but it was too late when he realized they were my jeans and called out “These aren’t my pants!!!!”

The freshman went from (apparently) pleasantly sleeping to out the door in 15 seconds flat while the rest of us laughed for an hour till it was time to go.

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